New Fantasy, The Army Man

Its night and I on a road 20 minutes away from town. Suddenly one of my tires on the drivers side back goes you. I am stuck. I call a tow truck but he will not for 2 hours. All of a sudden a man pulls up in a little sports car. He is short but o so cute. He standing about 5’3 but got a nice bubble butt in that military uniform.

“MS, are you in trouble and need someone help.” I say “yes” and point to my tire. He looks at me and smiles cause I don’t know much about changing a tire. “Open you trunk.” I open the truck and he takes the tire and the repair equipment out. I go and stand behind him and look at his cute sexy ass. Then as he is unscrewing the bolts on the tire, his pants bust a split in the back. I started to get hard in my dress. He turned around and said, “My name is Jim, o what the fuck is that?” I said , ” Sorry I am a girl with surprises.” He steps back and trip over the tire he just took off. ” Stay away from me!” He says harshly.

“Don’t be scared. I don’t want to harm you. You just excited me with that split in your pants.” I said kindly. I got sick of him just backing away, so I walked right towards him and and he tried to yell so I stuck my cock in his mouth. I just fucked his mouth over and over. He started to like even beg for me. I shot a nice load all over this cute face. He was so turned on he asked for seconds.

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My boobs want to travel

I know thats a weird statement but its true. My boobs want to travel away for a while and have some play with them. I have not traveled since Halloween, so its getting time for me to travel.

I want to go to Altoona. I been craving some cute boy over there and he caught my eye.

My tits been popping out of these new bras. Now they are not the right size so that might be the problem.

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Political Mistakes

You can’t believe everything you watch on television. When Obama first ran for President there were articles and reporters on television saying that Republicans rarely ever let their children serve in the Military. Well that has changed or that was wrong from the beginning. I found out in McCain let his son go into the service.

I know I rant on and on about Politics but its fascinating to me. I know most of you would rather me talking about fucking your mouths and chocking you with my black cock and making you worship the ground I walk on, but in a way its very similar to politics.

When it comes to being a tranny, transsexual, shemale in Pennyslvania a place with the top hate groups in the US its difficult to be that shemale, transsexual, tgirl, tranny. The government,and the police try to control the situation. I have other ways of working with the situation. Some guys that hate blacks and shemales have contacted me and constantly watching my video. Now like 100 guys but a few do that.

I still want to say I a sorry for judging and stating my political views. I write this blog so my readers can know whats on my mind sometimes

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The Republicans and their hate for the Affordable Health Care Act

Ok Republicans believe that every man should work for what they need to get. Well if that is so then why not offer more jobs to all races. I mean they put that EOE on all their stuff but they constantly seem to be laying off people.

Let me change that. I mean yes they hire all races in some form or another but still they should hire more cause they have the money. They want people to work for income and insurance then they should hire them so they can work.

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Pictures and another Video
















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“Mile High Video” For College Students and Military

I hope you like this Mile High Video

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I fear myself

I truly do mean that statement. When I say “I fear myself” I do. I am preventing myself from being happy. I have someone in my life that is caring and all plus many guys want to date me, but I stay home. The snow does not help much. I really need to do so much better.

I need to focus on me more, and let my life be my life. I love a person and he is focused on his life yet he makes small time for me. I need to focus on my life and then relax on those small times he gives me.

I wish the deities would give me happiness and contentment. Let me be happy and blessed in some way or another.

Life has giving me happiness before and I pray that I will have happiness again.

I wake up and dream of a guy having him and doing things to him but all that must wait till financially I am secure to do so many other things. I need a new place to live and that will never happen if I don’t start having more income coming in.

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Some of my Favorite Photos

Here are some of my favorite photos









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Greatest Phone Guy Ever

Ok this is crazy but this guy that I never met I am crazy about.

He makes me laugh, and he does his best to make me happy. I hope one day we meet.

He got me a Valentine and Birthday Card.

Now yes some of my clients did give me roses and tributes. I have 2 dozen.

My only sexy baby has me a gift he was supposed to give me this week but his car broke down. He makes me so so happy. Lets call him Rotney. I give fake names to all the guys I meet so I can keep their secret online.

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