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God, Miracles is it all real? It depends on how you look it.

I know allot of you don’t believe in any god, or these ancient stories that were told, but you all need to look at things more than one way. I mean things are exaggerated so many times. Like they say the first man and the first woman. Well back in time couples separated from their tribes and made their own villages from their children. Allot of the rest of the bible could be a form of science. Like Moses splitting the ocean or seas. The Hebrews new nothing of ships but Moses was raised by Egyptians. So a ship in a way splits the ocean, think about it. They said Jesus walked on water. I mean there were times and groups of people that did not know how to swim and forbid their children to swim so if Jesus taught them how to do it its like walking on water. Don’t judge religions, cause people see so many things in so many different ways.

The elements Spirit, Earth, Water, Air, and Fire

Air is mostly seen during like hurricanes and tornadoes . We breathe and feel it everyday. Spirit is seen by looking at the determination of others. We stand on the Earth and eat the food it provides us. Fire seems to light the way and provides heat for many. Water cleanses us and takes care of our thirst.

Look at the elements and feel them. Recognize how they are used everyday. Some of you call it science others call it God and how they work some people call it a miracle. As we are different people and different races we will never feel the same or comprehend the same. So when someone talks of God or their religion, just realize they see the world different than you and accept that.

So many people say there is a reason for everything and everything has it place. Those words can be helpful in some ways and destroy us in others.

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Lilith The First Hemophrodite and ruler of Transsexuals and Demons

Ok I know this is weird but you all need to read the story of Lilith

Years ago I dated a guy and he was afraid to date me cause of who I am

but then he learned of the story of Lilith and he said that transsexuals have the same issues as Lilith did. They try to stand their ground and man would not let them

Maybe thats why their is so much confusion on ts and tmen

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Transgender Erotica

Ok I don’t know much about this, but there is a series of books called transgender erotica.

Its men with the power to change to women and enjoy themselves sexually

Allot of you guys are into that and want to dress but are scared.

You might need to read this book and some transgenders can try it also

For the last time, my name is Purple Princess. by Jessie Ash (Oct 1, 2014) – Kindle eBook

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My Hidden V – Part 2 by Jessie Ash (Sep 24, 2014) – Kindle eBook

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Anemone – Part 2 by Jessie Ash (Sep 7, 2014) – Kindle eBook

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Anemone by Jessie Ash (Sep 3, 2014) – Kindle eBook

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Check out Tias Blog if you want to Marry A TGirl

Yes Tia, you all remember my so called best friend.

She has her own blog

She is still looking for a guy that is going to take her out on 3 dates then marry here on the 4th meeting

She wants to get married at first site

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Obama and the Gun Thing

Ok the white people around here are really tripping. I mean like I told yall before, Obama is black and he telling people to have strict gun laws. A black man that these white people consider to be robbers and thieves are getting strong gun laws.

This sucks. This is what needs to happen. I said this before and I wish the law would hear me, that Guns in the city, yes they need strict laws. But guns in the country its necessary. People have all kinds of bears and snakes and all that on their land they need guns. Its important.

I know most of you are like vicki stop talking about guns and pull out yours and fire in your face, but life is not all about sex. Its so sad that sex addictions are so high right now.

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How can the World Change

You know who can change things is us

I mean they say the electoral college, and it votes based on the people. So we the people could control our own government if we stood together. I remember in the movie Soul Food that lady said ” I finger can only do so much when you push someone out your way, but a fist, a might fist, can strike a strong blow.

I mean the government does this and does that but there are always enemies of the government and we live in a state with the most hate groups in the country. PA pays almost a million dollars for the leader of the school board to resign. You remember that. She was so currupt and they new it. PA is really all over the place. Every state is suffering cause of the leaders, but we control the leaders. it comes a point in time that we have to stand up to those that lead us and tell them what we want. We can get them kicked out of office with enough signatures.

I am sorry to write so much but it had to be said.

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So Tired, Weak

Its weird, I was born with lots of determination and yet all I do is push others to succeed.

I see all the mistakes I made in my life and I need to fix those but its too late.

I can only focus on a new life for me. I do have a little motivation sometimes. I see a light at the end of the tunnel, but its so much work I hate to be bothered.

I was never born to work on cars, paint, build. I wish I had been. I would have done so much.

Life is what you make it but I need to make life so much better for myself.

I want to pay back all the people I owe, but my debt just keeps multiplying. I need to make money, I need to do cam again , that is where the money is. I refuse to escort. I hate guys touching my body I don’t love.

You know I was one of those tgirls looking for my prince charming and I met him but he did not like I was a tgirl. It sucked. Most guys that like tgirls are so confused and messed up already they only date tgirls cause we like a last option.

This is my problem, I have to work to myself attractive. Why cant I be like those other girls and just wake up and be attractive. O no, I have to put on make up and all. Plus I moved to an area men don’t care for me much.

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Feeding on my frustration and hardships

Sometimes I know its weird but it seems people want to feed on my frustrations. When I am laughing and stuff they dont’ want to talk to me but when I am sad and doing bad for myself they want to call. Now it could be they are worried about me but I would think they would be like, “CAll me when you happy!” You know what I mean.

I miss the happy days. I have not been truly happy since I left Louisiana or had to move out my apartment in Philadelphia.

I don’t know what to do.

This guy named Jered is like that. I mean he never calls and tells me great things that happen to him. He could be like guess what, I got a raise. I would be so happy for him. I mean the last time he told me something good was when it was his birthday. He knows my life sucks. Tell me some good things about your life so I can live through you.

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Bless me Isis on this Day

Isis please bless me with wealth and prosperity, so let it be.

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