My Car

Well my car is still giving me problems. I just got it fixed and now it will not stay on. The power is gone out of it. I don’t know where the draining is coming from.

I so want a new car. A company in Youngstown, OH offered me approval for a vehicle. I really want to take it but it will put me behind on moving out of here. I was saving for a newer car and a new place and my car is just not working out with the plan.

It also has 4 major oil leaks. I just got both rotors replaced and now another problem. Wish me luck on my new problems with this car.

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Rented a Car for a week

I rented a car for a week. My car is still messed up. I am pigging out this week I have the car. I hope I don’t gain that much weight. I really just want to ride out and be free. Its nice to have a rental car. Something nice and kind of new. I love riding in style. I wish there was someone to go and see and get a hug. I saw my friend Bethani. She is very sweet. I wish I could ride to Philly and see Tia but I don’t have the money to do that. I am saving money right now and I must continue to save money to survive.

My friends told me I need to more positive. Its hard to do that in an uncomfortable living environment. It was worse but I made it a little better.

I have a bunch of appointments the first week of November and since my car is not running properly. I am driving a rental car. I did an entire week cause renting for a couple days was 50 bucks a day and for an entire week its 200.

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Dealing with Depression Again

First I will start with the good news. I have lost weight and now 220 again. So I am glad for that. I plan on keeping on loosing weight but it gets hard trust me.

The bad news is depression is hitting me big time. I am so unhappy and my car broke down so that makes it worse. My parents are looking for me another affordable car. They don’t trust me to find a good car so they are looking for one themselves. I don’t know how long it will be but I need a car so bad. I can’t make my appointments till I get a good ride.

Allot of my depression got bad when I moved here. I should not have moved here. This place is way too small for me. I could not afford a better place. Its very hard to survive for me without a car. Trust me I need another car. I am renting one for a week so that will make some things better. I have doctor appointments all next week. So wish me luck.

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September 25, 2015 Pictures

Here are some pictures I just took





















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Some Old Videos. So So Hot

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New Videos

Here are 2 new videos

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Sept 2015 Pictures I just took

Here are some pictures I just took.

I hope you like them

























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I had an Ok weekend

I did not go anywhere but my weekend was ok. My car is still acting funny but I am working with it. Also my dad is fixing me up another car. I will be driving a 2005 Honda Accord. I hope it has a big back seat cause I want to make out with a guy in it.

Diabetes is keeping me from getting hard lately. I need to do cam shows to make extra money and its hard to stay hard. Gosh thank goodness I am not escorting anymore, gave that up many many years ago. Look if you ever need to contact me my info is on the contact me page. I like text more before phone calls. I work online doing phonesex so talking to people kind of gets old a little, but sometimes I do want to talk to a real person. That person might be you.

I wish I had a friend closer to me that we could do stuff together. I need to get a medical procedure done and I don’t have anyone to go with me. I can’t go alone cause they gonna put me to sleep and I can’t drive for hours after that. Wish me luck to find that local friend I can click with.

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New Pictures of me





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Trans Picnic Pittsburgh. I actually went

I had a date come in from New Jersey and he took me and a friend to the trans picnic. I had some fun with him but did not make any new friends or did I see the people I wanted to see. O well I got out the house and had a good time and the food was nice. So I don’t know about going back next year but I do hope they continue it.

One thing I notice about Pittsburgh is people talk to who they know. If they don’t know you, they don’t want to be your friend.

The people hosting the event were very nice and welcoming but they were too busy to really talk. I just like to go places and make lots of friends.

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