This is one of my favorite Sex Videos

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How to get over your ex or a break up? Rebound with someone or an ex

Ok I know you heard this guy broke my heart into a 1000 pieces. What I did was go over an ex’s place and he got me over that guy real quick with some good sex. The sex was good as always with him. The only thing when it was finished he was like ok you can leave. I was like or really? He showed me around till we got to the door. He is an asshole but he can fuck real good.

They say its not good to rebound with another person but that is wrong. It will help you get over that person really quick. Plus if the guy is an asshole you will be like fuck all men and go about your business and leave.

So trust me its the best thing to do.

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Just Added Some Old Videos

I know you all want to see more videos. I uploaded some of my old videos to my site. So go check them out. Remember these are older videos that allot of you have not seen. I made two pages for the videos so I hope you enjoy. I still have the old videos. So don’t think I forgot to keep the old ones down.

As for my heart , its still broken but I am trying to keep busy so I don’t think about it.

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Ghosting – Ignoring Someones Calls and Text

I am still upset about this guy. We were doing good, had great sex and then now he is not calling or texting me. He is not answering my text or phone calls either. So I went to my therapist and she told me he is “Ghosting” me. Its something people came up to just ignore people instead of breaking up with them.

I think its dumb and stupid. You can email someone, call someone or text and break up with them. To just ignore them is so childish. Its like playing a game. If you not interested then don’t play like you are interested then ghost someone. It really sucks.

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The holidays are coming up

If you love me and want to spoil me for the holidays. Let me know. My email is

Thanksgiving, Xmas, and New Years are a busy time for me with servants but you make time for me and I will make time for you. I love gift cards and gifts.

Just email me

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My heart is broken

Ok I made the mistake of falling for a guy again. It seems every time I truly fall for a guy then he desserts me. I met this guy from Pittsburgh and we just clicked. I liked everything about him. He was so my type. He was much cuter in person. I really did like him. Now of all of sudden after all that sexual activity he is not calling me or texting me. He is not even emailing me. See that is why its fucked up that I can’t get a good lover or a good friend around here. I was happier being a slut. No one could break my heart that way. I hate when someone breaks my heart.

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Shemale Vicki Update and New Hypnosis Video























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Shemale Vicki Update

















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I am feeling better

I know some people have been worried about me but I am feeling much better. I am writing a book now. I hope it gets allot of attention. Its a sex book about a biological woman that is looking for love in all the wrong places. I know sounds a little like me. You are right.

I know some people ask why don’t I write a story about a shemale, but I live that story and who would want to read it? I might make a book on a shemale eventually.

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Not Feeling Good This Month

This month I been weaker than most. I am fighting but I think I am not taking good care of myself. I need people to email and call and check up on me. If you know my email its Just check on me every now and then if you care about me. I will be ok. I just need to be strong.

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