New Videos I hope my fans like them

Here is one of my videos for my slave in Boston

Here is the other one for my slave Lot in Wisconsin

Here is the nasty version of the video

I hope you like it

It will cost 3 bucks but its worth it, trust me

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May Venus Bless all with love, acceptance and endurance

Bless you and may the Gods, Goddesses and elements fill your life and mine with wealth, acceptance, endurance, and prosperity. When you feel that no one loves remember I love you, remember I light my candle so you and others can live and love who you choose and I pray the Gods will here the cries of those in need and make their lives succeed. So let it be Blessed be to you and me.



Shemalevicki Nurse

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The Dove of Peace

Another Wiccan asked to pass this along

Dove of Peace

Help send a message of peace around the world! The Dove of Peace flies from site to site, through as many countries as possible. It does not belong to ANY belief system. Please help make a line around the globe by taking it with you to your site, by giving it to someone for their site, by passing it on to another continent or to the conflict areas of the world. May trouble and strife be vanquished in it’s path.

Dove of Peace

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I had another allergic reation to something spicy

Now I don’t get it, I can eat spicy chicken and allot of stuff but when I eat too much sauce and seasoning salt together on stuff my lips blow up like a balloon. I am not joking. My lip looks horrible right now and I look like a hot mess. A guy wanted to take me for a ride and watch a movie with me at his house but I am stuck here cause I look like momqueshahoe. LOL

I can’t wing for loosing. My dad is going to get my old car toed but he has not done so yet. The towing company has not sent anyone. I am waiting though.

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I had a dream

I had a dream

I was standing at this corner and this couple drove by. I was wearing some tight jeans with a hole in one of my ass cheeks. The wife looked at me and said , “You need a ride?” I said , “I am going far all the way to another city and back.” She said, ” that’s fine you have to just stop by our house first.” I said, “Ok.” So I get in their little Neon and we ride to their house which turns out to be close to where I am going. She is in this white dress kind of see through but pretty mature lady. He is in just jeans some boots and a t shirt. So I get out the car with them and they are both very attractive. Then he says, ” We changed our mind, walk home you fat black girl.” I was so angry. So I pulled that Whip out my purse and he was like, “Hold on you black bitch.” I said ” its mistress Vicki to you!” I took that whip and start swing it back and forth, and the woman liked it and dropped down ot her knees and pulled all her clothes off and said, “I will server you my black queen.” I said , “Good you little white bitch, now make your husband obey me before I take this whip to his ass. I will beat his ass till he is red!!!” The man tried to run I took the whip and swung up around so I could grab him round his feet and trip him. I pulled him closer to me and said, “Now you gonna get it.” I took that hand part of the whip and started inserting it into his buns and he was begging me for mercy. I laughed and said you are worthless and I don’t do safe words you whore. She was sitting their naked and I pulled it out his buns and I made her go over there and lick his buns. She was like, “NO mistress!” I picked up my whip and said “what you little white whore?” She dropped down and started licking. I shot cream all over her face while she was down there licking him and I told her to take her fingers and push the cream into his buns. ” She started crying and I woke up. I am like what happened? LOL

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Dealing with life and Working on Book

I might end up being ok. I have an update and I am going back to therapy. I was hearing Voices but they seem to have stopped since I stopped watching the news. The news is depressing but to make me hear voices, I can do without.

I am working on 3 books with 3 different guys, all writers.

I realize I just am not the right person for a relationship. My sex drive is dead. I am not lying, this great guy , a truck driver and you know I dont’ date truck drivers but he was a pretty ok dude. He wanted sex though and he was so perfect till he said that. I don’t want sex, living here has killed my sex drive.

Once I have my own home in a comfortable environment I will get it back, but untill then my sex drive is dead, especially if they want to go down on me.

On the phone I can make sex a fantasy, and a desire, but in real life, I talk sex so much its the last thing on my mind. So thats why I am wring a book to get my sexuality out and about.

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a tweet

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My breast, I still love them after 16 years can’t get used to them


WIN_20140212_025056I love my breast, I love the size, would like them to come out a little more but when I am naked, I may be plump but my breast are crazy sexy.

Check them out. Black Shemale Tgirl Breast Pictures

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redday 046

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Hot black shemale, transsexual, tgirl pictures

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Hot Black Transvestite , transsexual tgirl Shemale Vicki

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My secret admirer

Well everything was normal and then I get a knock at my door. A guy comes to my door and tells me he is interested in buying my car. I look at him and say who are you. He said he stays on the other side of town and comes by here to see friends in this part of town. I say I will have to check with my family about the car cause they gave it to e. So he said ok. He gets my number and calls me 4 days in a room. He kept asking about the car. I was like I don’t’ know really. He said, “What about you?” I said , “What about me?” He said, “Can I come over keep you company and we can talk about the car in bed. I can really eat pussy good and fuck you really hard up your black juicy pussy. Plus I want to play with them nice tits.” Now you know I have not been that sexy since living here but my powers of enchantress still work. So he got here and come to find out, there was no pussy to be found. Let me slow down First her sucked on my tits and pushed me up against the wall. My breast feed him with lust , desire and horny temptations. Then you reached his hands in my blue jean skirt to rub up and down on my my nice thick plus sized chocolate ass. Then he reached past my belly into my frontal panties and said, “Whats this?” I said, “Surprise!!!” He was like well I am bigger than you!” He pulled out 9 to 10 inches of cock laying there to his knees, he through me in the bed and put his dick up against mine, and he just dry humped me with our dicks rubbing together. It was so good. I have not had a cum load like that in years just us exploding together between each others chest. I felt his power of sexuality and he felt mine. We did it like 2 times.

Hot nasty safe sex.

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Will I ever be happy again? and Another Ticket!!!

Gosh, I was glad to get a car at first but not a broke down car is really a hassle when you live in PA unless you live on a junk yard or land that you own. I am sick of this car situation.

I don’t know what to do. I know cops are struggling but this sucks. Why couldn’t I be born with rich parents that could just get me a car by a phone call. I don’t know what to do and what will happen next.

I really want to go. Since I been living here my skin looks like crap. Its weird. I lived in the country many years but this is the worst mosquitoes, spiders, fleas all outside. I mean its weird. It snows here. Insects should not be that bad. I am sorry I am complaining lately and I should be grateful I have a place to live but I don’t know this sucks.

I do look at other transsexuals and allot of them are homeless and unhappy. I hate that for them. No one trust people much anymore. I mean I am scared of my own tgirl sisters.

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