My two favorite videos

this is my favorite domination video

This is my favorite seductive video

and he final favorite

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My options to move In with Guys

I have options to get out of here but none of the options seem to work for me. Like a guy offered me to move to Wisconsin. It sounds like an idea but he stays in an all white area as well. I don’t want to move to an area where there are few blacks cause that is racism waiting to happen.
Another guy wants me to move in with him but I am not feeling him. He gave this other girl a 1000 dollars and then all of a sudden he wants me to move in with him. That makes no since to me at all. He shouldn’t have told me he gave this girl a 1000 bucks. He has known me longer than he has known her. Sorry ranting about that guy.

Another guy offered me to move in with him but he doesn’t seem to be serious. He contacts me every blue moon. I have to wait for him to get in contact with me cause he does not answer my text or emails till like weeks later.

I have stayed with people before and when they want you out they want you out. I do not like staying some where that I can get kicked out at any time.

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June 13, 2016

Well its June now and I have not moved. I am still at the same place. I am dealing with it though. I am trying to not be so depressed all the time. I know that makes people not want to bother talking to me. If you have a mind to listen to my rants and talks then send me and email.

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May is almost over

Well saving money has not been easy. I am struggling to keep bills paid. I must keep hope alive. I do not want to dip into my savings yet. I am saving to get a new place. Everyone I will be fine. I am safe. I live in a place and can’t host here but I have electric, water and television. One day I will have furniture and all that.

I want to get a hotel room and take new pictures. Plus, I need new videos. So please be patient. I know I have not done anything since August of last year.

I have not been dating anyone or even been out with anyone. I been spending most of my time alone.

My main focus is to save an move away from here to an area I can be happy. Plus, I need more space.

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Things are ok

They are not perfect like I want them but things are ok. I have a place to live and food to eat. I need to actually slow down on eating so much. I just want you to know I am alright. I will keep you posted. Yes I still suffer from depression allot, but I am fighting it. Just keep emailing me at and keep replying to me on here to let me know you care.

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2 New Online Slaves that Tribute

I have two new guys that are honoring me everyday. I love them worshipping and honoring me. They can’t stop watching my videos. I love all the attention. Since a certain slave is not paying much attention to me.

A good online slaves tributes his or her mistress. Thats what I like. Either call me on niteflirt or send me a gift card.

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April is slower than March

This month is so slow. Niteflirt is barely ringing. So I am dealing with a slow month. I hope this month picks up. Last month got better at the end. I have a car to pay for so I need niteflirt to be ringing.

A guy in Chicago is talking to me again. He kind of ignored me last time, but he said he was having family problems. I have no choice but to take his word for that.

Wish me luck for this month.

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Slow Month For Me

This month is slow. I have barely made any money on the phonesex line. Not enough customers are calling like they did in Nov, Dec, and Jan. Everyone have hope that things will get better for me this month of March.

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I want to relocate

Being who I am is hard these days. I am in this small place and I don’t have much room to do the things I want. I can’t host here. I just want to be happy again in a bigger place that I can entertain people.

I am saving money and doing ok but this month is slow. Niteflirt is not ringing like it normally does. I know allot of you think I should go stay with someone but I hate staying with people and they always get sick of me after a couple of months or even two weeks.

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Need a guy to cheer me up

I have this one friend but he works allot. I need a guy to call and cheer me up with I am down. Jeret barely calls me anymore. He is married and has allot of responsibilities.

I have a loyal servant that cheers me up with his emails but lately not that many emails. If you are board today send me an email to I love to get emails.

I have to see a dr about my health this month. I am having some problems. I hope its not my diabetes or high blood pressure.

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