I do need to loose weight

I just gained even more weight and my depression is worse. Wish me luck. I have not been to eaters anonymous yet but its on my mind.

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I want to visit Philadelphia

I want to go visit Philly but it does not seem that possible right now. I hope to go one of these days. I know in Philly guys are not that picky on weight like they are here. I need a good friend and man in my life.

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My Birthday Feb 7 I am now 40

I am so glad my birthday is over. I am now 40. Some of you emailed and called and some of you did not.

How i feel? Well I feel older. I feel I am now a cougar. I like men older and younger.

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Did not go to over Eaters yet, but gonna try Monday

I did not make it to overeaters last time. I am going to try to go this Monday. Maybe I will make some friends. I don’t know what will happen.

Wish me luck.

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Teaser Video

Here is a new Teaser Video in the Green

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I am going to over eaters on Monday

Yes I am. My food addiction is too bad. I really need to get help with it. I hope you all will support me.

I really need friends to help me get through this. My friends I have I can’t always talk to them about it, cause they don’t understand. If you understand please email me at shemalevicki@gmail.com

I would love to talk to you.

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The New Years Sucks

Last year I made so much money, this year is not as good. I don’t know whats going to happen with a new President, but I am hoping more men start spending money. I am surviving and doing better than I did 3 years ago, but I am not doing that good as I did last year. Last year I did so so so good. Depression was not as bad either.

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For My Slave Dale

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New Years is Here

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To My Top Financial Slave Dale

Here you go Dale.

What you always wanted for the holidays.

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