I am blessed to have a home

I am sorry I complain so much. I just want to live somewhere I have friends and can do things and a place I will not be ashamed to bring people over.

That’s all I ask.

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Seeing a Therapist Next Week

I hope this helps. Also I am supposed to see a psychiatrist soon as well. I really hope to have a successful year after this. I been locking myself away from the world, and I hope to stop doing that. Wish me luck.

It took me 3 months to do laundry. I have allot of clothes so that’s not a problem. I really need a bigger place. I am swamped in here, this is a studio and no where to move around. The stupid things is guys keep wanting to come over here. What is wrong with guys. That is so rude for a guy to want to come to a house that a girl says she is not comfortable. All they think about is sex. I would never go to a guys house if he tells me he lives over crowded. That is crazy.

What happened to guys wanting to take girls to a nice dinner and get a nice room. Gosh all those guys need someone else. I will say I have been to places worse than mine but I still do not want to have sex here, not at all. I don’t even have any furniture and sleep on an air mattress. What guy wants to fuck on an air mattress, that is so hood. Even if it is a fling make it worth it. Get a nice room. I don’t know what the deal is with some people.

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The end of the world

I have been talking to people about the blood moon coming in August of 2015. Now I am still doing research but it seems that things are changing or the Jewish people are changing things. In 2000 they said the Hebrew calendar was supposed to be the end of the world on the Blood moon of 2015. Now the blood moon is every 2 to 3 years and this year it is said we are supposed to have one which is the most powerful of all the moons for people of power.

I been more and more depressed every year living in this area and I hope to make things better but we will have to see. If it is the end of the world I don’t want to be here during the moon.

Everyone make a wish on the stars and wish for me to have a new home to live in.

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Well very busy for the Holidays but still alone and depressed

I am so depressed these holidays. I don’t want to get out of bed. I am getting out of bed but I need to do laundry so bad and I just can’t make myself leave the house. My agoraphobia is getting worse and my friends are calling to check on me and the phone hurts my ears sometimes. First it was car alarms now its the phone.

One guy blows my phone up. I don’t get it, he is married, and has lots of friends but is blowing my phone up a person that does not have allot of friends these days. Then he calls all my phones. I try turning the ringer off but the vibrate even gets on my nerves. I have an appointment after New Years with a doctor for mental disorders.

My medicines are not working on my nerves. I do not want to kill myself but just sick of any kind of car alarm or telephone ring. When its niteflirt I just pick up on the first ring. I think the worst thing is most people are calling during Niteflirt. I told them I am busy between now and my birthday , yet they keep blowing my phone up

ON Christmas I was alone, but was not broke cause I am saving these days, but was alone

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I am upset again, I don’t know why, also still trying to move

I hate when I get this way but I am upset again.

There is so much on my plate, so much I need to do. Life is not easy for me at all.

I hope things get better for me

I want a comfortable life

I beg to have a comfortable life soon.

I am looking into relocating. My main choice is near Berks County, Allentown maybe

I don’t know

I am looking hard. I hope to find a place.

This air mattress has had its last days. I have an extra one, but its funny when I talk to guys, they like you on an air mattress.

I am poor. I only survive cause my friends help me and I have family that helps as well. I try to be good to others so they will be good to me

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O My Its a Cop

Ok, now lets talk stalker. You know I gained weight and yes allot of you don’t like me being this big fat woman lately but get over it. Well anyway, this cop came to my door. I was like , “Can I help you?” He is like, “We noticed you have not been out lately and we wanted to make sure you were alright.” I looked at him and said , “You are alone, who the hell is we.”

While I am telling this cop he needs to mind his own business, he is getting a bulge in his pants. So then another cop comes by and he is like what are you doing in this district. I looked at that cop and he pushed me inside and he told the other cop, I am just visiting a friend of the family. So the cop from my area left and when I turned around the cop that was knocking at my door was beating his meat. I am like, ” What are you doing?” He still was beating and he said, “I love it when you wear your rainbow socks.” I am like, “What?” He cums all over my front room floor, then pushes me down and makes me suck his hot dog clean. Then he says thank you and leaves. You know men of power can do what they want.

O well, he didn’t taste that bad, I will let him slide this time, but next time I am bending him over and sticking my toy up his behind, he will learn not to pop up on this black shemale.

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You Dream of Shemalevicki Plus

Its funny I gained this weight which is not the most attractive but guys seem to love it. I don’t know maybe I give that black maid they would like to fuck. These guys watch too many nanny videos. But this Nanny has a dick and I take care of adults over 21. Now come lean over my knee and let me spank that bottom of yours.

You been looking at me and touching yourself. You need to be punished. You are so so bad.

Bad boys must be punished for the holidays you will have night mares of me breaking your hole and mouth in and gagging you like the cock sucking whore you. Deal with it and don’t fight it.

I am your black queen. You serve me.

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What do the lonely Do at Christmas or Xmas

Tease the season to be Jolly but how can I be when I have no body.

I really don’t want to be alone for the holidays but what can I do

I am serious

We all want someone in our lives but me, I truly want love and happiness.

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