Shemale Vicki Update and New Hypnosis Video























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Shemale Vicki Update

















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I am feeling better

I know some people have been worried about me but I am feeling much better. I am writing a book now. I hope it gets allot of attention. Its a sex book about a biological woman that is looking for love in all the wrong places. I know sounds a little like me. You are right.

I know some people ask why don’t I write a story about a shemale, but I live that story and who would want to read it? I might make a book on a shemale eventually.

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Not Feeling Good This Month

This month I been weaker than most. I am fighting but I think I am not taking good care of myself. I need people to email and call and check up on me. If you know my email its Just check on me every now and then if you care about me. I will be ok. I just need to be strong.

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Went to a Transpicnic this weekend

I went to a picnic Saturday so I been a little wrapped up. It was a trans picnic. It was ok. I brought a friend. I found a few people to talk to. I am so behind on emails but now I am back and things are back to normal. Nothing else is going on with me. Just dealing with the same old things and all.

At least lately I am getting out the house. I am trying my best to be a regular person.

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Slow Weeks at the end of July

The beginning of July was so busy for me now the end it is so slow. I don’t know what the problem is. I guess its just people are busy with family and friends. My emails are still great though. I have at least 15 to 20 emails a day. I just wish the adult chat line would be busy. I guess I need to meditate on it.

I hope everyone else is having a happy July.

I was really depressed last night. I don’t know why. Things are not that bad for me. I woke up this morning and felt a little better but I am much better now.

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Another Month and some more problems

Gosh its like problems never go away. I will not let this get to me though. I have to work and save money. Money is tight right now. I have to get out of this debt also. Wish me luck with that. I have to make some calls and deal with my student loans. See all this mess I have to deal with . Plus my car has some minor problems. One of the lights is coming on. I just want a regular week that I can focus on the phonesex line and not have to deal with all these problems going on. Wish me luck with my issues.

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Being Passable and Real Jobs plus my friend Tia

Popeyes Chicken is an hour away from me. I went to a dental appointment in Pittsburgh and went there. It was a guy there and I think he knew who I was. He kept talking to me like he knew. Its ok. He wasn’t a mean guy. He fixed my food. Most people don’t notice me cause I wear glasses and don’t say much to people.

Tia said at her new job there are people that know her and giving her a hard time. Not physically touching her, but they talking about her. Thats one thing I don’t miss about a real job. She said she just do her work and ignore them. I don’t blame her. She didn’t know any Cambodians work at the place. We can’t always be passable. I hate when people are all talking about me. I guess that is why I suffer from depression so bad cause of how people treated me at jobs. Tia is stronger than me

More Tgirls should be like Tia and fight for the jobs out there. She said she might quit if she gets another job cause she says its like an oven in the place.

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Need to make my Dreams come True

I want to make my dreams come true. I used to want to be a singer, dancer, rapper and writer. Now I focus on surviving. I want to get back to writing my book and working on music. I just don’t have many people to help me. I need lots of motivation. So if you can motivate me then email me at

I need to take the world by storm. Its mostly about me now. I can’t help other people that much right now. I need to make some dreams come true before I get in my 50s. I will be 40 in February. I did not think I will be this behind on life at 40. Wish me luck getting back on my feet.

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My two favorite videos

this is my favorite domination video

This is my favorite seductive video

and he final favorite

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