New Pictures

I know you all are looking for more pictures. New pictures will be here soon. Just be patient. Someone is sponsoring me to get a hotel room and take new pictures so they will be here soon.

I can not take request yet cause I don’t have allot of money for too many outfits. So just be patient.

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My Birthday was nice this year

This is one year I was not alone for my birthday. A friend of mine went out to eat with me and went to the movies to see Star Wars VII and it was so good. I really enjoyed the movie.

I don’t have many days I spend time with other people these days. Most guys are wanting something I am not willing to give them. I like to be spoiled somehow someway.

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Life is a Battle and We must Keep Fighting

Everyday is a battle for me, but I keep fighting to survive. I have people that are in my support system and they keep me going. I need people like that. People that will keep me going. I will be strong. Some people judge me for the weight I have gained. I am loosing weight cause I want to not cause they want me to. I don’t eat as much as I used to. That is so good for me to eat less.

I have a battle with food, diabetes, blood pressure and depression. I guess I have always wanted the world at my feet and I have to realize it does not work like that.

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Really Depressed This Weekend

I know I have no real reason to be depressed but I am. I don’t feel like leaving the house or doing anything really. I am just down. I have so much to do and yet I have not done it. I can afford to take off niteflirt. I guess I just hate to stop making money to do personal things. Another thing is I might just be lazy. I feel better after writing about my problems.

I am craving Pizza again, or at least some chicken. I got some microwave chicken in the frig. I don’t want it. I would love to go out to eat. I am sick of eating at home. I don’t know what to do. I wish I had someone to talk to about this but everyone is busy right now. Its the weekend and its a time to get all your things done. Some of my other friends are working.

I just want to stay in bed and sleep. I am sick of being out and about, but I do want some food to be delivered. Wish me luck and hope I get happy sometime today to do all the things I need to do.

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Having Issues with food

I lost all that weight and now I crave fast food all the time. I don’t know whats wrong with me. I don’t feel like having food i n the frig. I wish my freezer worked better. I could buy steaks and stuff. I love to have steak. I should be eating more chicken and seafood but I don’t like seafood that much. I do like fried seafood. I grew up with allot of food cooked for me so that might be the problem. There is this place in Pittsburgh that fixes meals for you. I might need to get over there and get some of that already cooked food. Plus the food is frozen already and it can just go in the frig.

I have been having issues with food as long as I can remember. I have so many other things to focus on and yet I crave fast food. Does anyone have any advice for me? I would love some advice on how to stop craving fast food as much.

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Happy New Year and my Resolution

I am the one and only shemalevicki. My resolution this year is to make more money.

I have car payments of 191 every 2 weeks. I got 3 payments this month. Its crazy paying my bills. I don’t know how I am going to keep making these payments on time.

I want to wish everyone a happy New Year from Shemalevicki

VICKITOSHIBA - WIN_20140212_025029

VICKITOSHIBA - WIN_20140212_025056

VICKITOSHIBA - WIN_20140212_013537

VICKITOSHIBA - WIN_20140212_013517 - Copy

VICKITOSHIBA - WIN_20140212_013457

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New Years Dinner

Well for New Years, I might just get a bucket of Chicken from Kentucky. I am looking around for cooked dinners but I don’t see any. Gosh I would love some nice cooked food like a ham, macaroni and cheese, and other goodies.

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Working For the Holidays and Eating Chicken

I will be getting Popeyes Chicken for the Holidays. I am also picking up some Ribs. I know not the best dinner for the Holidays but its what I choose. I hope everyone has a Happy Holidays and shoot me an email

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I feel much better

I feel much better now. I also got my dvd collection of “Wonder Woman Seasons 1-3” I love the series so much. I watched it allot as a child. I was so depressed but I am feeling much better now.

I am watching Holiday movies. I love Holiday movies so much. I was craving a Pizza today but I fought it. I don’t like cooking much. I love to order and pick up well done food.

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I want to move so bad willing to settle

Yes I am still living in the same place. House near the woods and spiders are so bad here. It was a web over my box the other day. I have to pay a company to spray around my house

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